Public Sector Customer Success Stories

Bexar Metro 9-1-1 Network District

The Eaton 9170+ UPS answers the call for one of the largest 9-1-1 emergency service districts in Texas--delivering high reliability and a scalable architecture capable of growing with the center's needs.
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Humboldt County Probation Department

A critical component of the Humboldt County Probation Department’s juvenile hall security system, the Eaton 9170+ fits in a tight spot and still offers a scalable solution.
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Carolinas Hospital

State-of-the-art medical facility cures its growth and reliability ails with the modular design of the Eaton BladeUPS.
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Blackhawk College

The Eaton 9355 is earning an 'A' for availability, while also providing the Illinois college with the scalability it needs to complete plans for an upcoming data center migratation. Read the full story.

Healthcare IT Provider

When it comes to ensuring the tip-top health of its UPSs, this health care IT provider found an Eaton service plan to be a perfect Rx. Read the full story.